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Welcome to our latest newsletter

I hope 2016 is treating you well. We are pleased to bring you some interesting articles on money management, retirement and estate planning.

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Budget reminds us there's more to retirement than super

The 2016 Federal Budget alerted every member of a superannuation fund – large and small – to the fact that risk is not the sole domain of investment markets.

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Follow the money and save - check your bank statements

It's true, checking your bank statement every time you get one can really help you save money. If you find a mistake on your statement you can challenge it with your bank or the company who has taken out the money, to ensure you are only paying for thing you need to.

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Birthdays, cake and funerals. Funeral Insurance versus Funeral Bonds.

Judging by the number of TV ads about Funeral Cover many of us do think about dying or at least lifting the burden of funeral expenses from our family.  It’s an emotional decision that is well meaning but can have big financial implications so we thought we’d compare two common funeral plan options, Funeral Insurance and Funeral Bonds. 

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Have you considered your digital assets in your estate plan?

When considering your estate plan it is important to ensure you have catered for your digital assets and their management and distribution.

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